Mountain House Foods 20% Off Sale

mountain-house-foods-20%-off-saleHere’s some good news for you. The Freeze Dry Guy thought you could use some right about now. It’s your easy opportunity to “March into Savings.” It’s FDG’s Exclusive Mountain House Foods 20% Off Sale on #10 Cans. And in typical early March deep-freeze fashion, this chance to get low prices on some of the finest Freeze Dried Food in the world comes roaring in right now.

This month has already brought “March Madness,” hasn’t it? This despite the teams not even being set yet for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. For starters there’s this in the news right now:

- The growing global conflict with the Soviet Union in the Ukraine.

- A pregnant South Carolina woman is charged with trying to kill her 3 little children by driving a minivan into the Atlantic Ocean.

- A New Jersey teen is suing her parents.

- Mother Nature is not showing any signs across much of the United States that she’s allowing March to go out like a lamb, and much, much more.

It’s unknown how much those events impact you or will. However, here’s one which can definitely play a good role in your world wherever you are.

You have the chance to take action and take advantage of a week-long FDG Exclusive – Mountain House Foods 20% Off Sale. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy 20% off the favorite Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods you enjoy?

Here are three delicious examples:

1. Cases of Mountain House Freeze Dried Spaghetti with Meat Sauce. You get a total of six # 10 cans per case. Now available at a discount of $31.19 from Freeze Dry Guy. They’re now only $124.75 per case.

2. Cases of Mountain House Freeze Dried Vegetable Stew with Beef. Now $34.79 off regular price. Just $139.15 per case.

3. Cases of Mountain House Freeze Dried Beef Stroganoff. Also available at a $34.79 discount. Now just $139.15 per case.

As always from the Freeze Dry Guy, you get Free Shipping within the Lower 48 states. That’s not news. He’s the one who started this policy in the industry decades ago.

So why not create some good news this week while you have the chance? You can do it for your long term food storage plan. Or, you can do it for your outdoor recreational needs. Whatever the best case scenario is for you, shop now during Freeze Dry Guy’s Exclusive Mountain House Foods 20% Off Sale.

Why Green Vegetables are Healthy and Good for You

freeze-dried-green-vegetablesHow keen are you on green veggies? It is widely recommended we consume at least 5-7 servings of vegetables every day. Everyone knows green vegetables are healthy and good for you. But do you know why?

There are real reasons to be keen on green vegetables. Pardon the pun…”Lettuce” us take a quick look at some of them now. Vegetables have definite nutritional value, plus proven health benefits. Food scientists, medical and nutritional professionals, and healthy/fitness conscious individuals agree.

Vegetables are low in fat. They are low in calories, too. However, their content is high in amounts of vitamins and minerals. Numerous studies show that a diet featuring low-calorie but nutrient-rich foods can help the human body to stay disease-free and physically fit.

Vitamin Power. Green vegetables (and the orange & yellow, too) are solid day to day sources for vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, and Vitamin K. They’re also rich in iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and beta-carotene.

Abundance of Antioxidants. Green vegetables have an ample supply of antioxidants which fight to keep the human body healthy. They help to protect us from oxidant stress. Or as we prefer to focus, antioxidants work to keep us free from diseases and cancers. Eating vegetables also boosts your immune system which increases your body’s ability or capacity to fight diseases and cancers.

Friendly Fiber. Eating green vegetables provides your body with foods packed with both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Most people today don’t get enough fiber in their daily diet. Green vegetables have substances such as NSPs (non-starch polysaccharides) which provide valuable service to your body. They contain fiber which assist the colon to absorb excess water, and retain moisture. Fiber helps to protect your body from common unwanted issues with the lower digestive tract.

Negative Calories. Green vegetables have a special kind of negative which is actually a positive. It’s the concept known as negative calorie foods. We know the human body requires a significant amount of energy in order to do its job with the metabolism of food. How it goes through this process applies something called the Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR).

The bottom line with negative calorie foods like green vegetables is this: If you are able to produce plenty of vegetable nutrition in your daily diet, you can actually put yourself in the position to lose more weight than you would gain. This explains why the people focused on staying physically fit know a steady supply of green vegetables can help them to keep reaching their fitness goals and maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Freeze Dry Guy’s Great Green Sale runs now through the greenest day of the year (for the Irish inside everyone), St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th. It includes a mixed case of Mountain House Freeze Dried Green Beans and Tender Sweet Green Peas. In addition, to these nutritious, delicious vegetables, this unit on sale is healthy for your wallet or purse. Act now and you will receive $25 in FDG Survival Bucks with every case you purchase.


FDG’s Great Green Sale

great-green-sale-vegetablesWhat could possibly be better than just going green? Why adding “Freeze Dried Green Veggie Power” of course. This is the special offer Freeze Dry Guy is making available to you now through the ultimate day for showing your green every year – March 17th…St. Patrick’s Day.

Announcing Freeze Dry Guy’s Great Green Sale

It features cases of great-tasting Freeze Dried Green Beans and Freeze Dried Green Peas from Mountain House. Each case you order comes with 3 #10 cans of each vegetable. Both are popular as side dishes, or additions to your favorite casseroles or stews. Preparation is as easy as it gets. Just add water…or don’t. We often hear from FDG customers how their families enjoy these veggies straight from the can as a healthy snack.

FDG’s Great Green Sale is Great for You

It features a pair of delicious and nutritious Freeze Dried Foods which are great for you:

  • The Freeze Dried Green Beans in this offer will provide you and your loved ones with more than 60 servings. This vegetable is low sodium, has zero cholesterol, and is a solid source of fiber.
  • The Freeze Dried Green Peas are high in both protein and fiber. With this offer, you’ll enjoy roughly 70 servings of Tender Sweet Peas which also are low sodium and no cholesterol.

Don’t just Go Green…Get Greenbacks!

How about this? Freeze Dry Guy will give you $25 in Survival Bucks for every case you purchase in this special offer on delicious, nutritious green veggies.

If that’s not enough, keep in mind you won’t need a leprechaun or four-leaf clover to get lucky with a long shelf life for these Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods. U.S. Government and independent testing proves you can expect to have these green vegetables ready and waiting the next 25 to 30 years for the times you want or need them most.

So don’t delay and leave yourself feeling green with envy. Freeze Dry Guy’s Great Green Sale is now through St. Patrick’s Day – March 17, 2014. It’s good by ordering online or by calling our expert food consultants at (866) 404-3663.

Gobbling up Turkey Tetrazzini LRP Rations

turkey-tetrazzini-lrp-rationThe Turkey Tetrazzini LRP Rations may remind you of Thanksgiving. I know on more than one occasion I’ve enjoyed Turkey Tetrazzini as a delicious “leftover” after the big holiday feast.

Giving thanks for having food to eat is good on any day in any situation. After all, chances are at this very moment there is someone near you who is hungry. They do not have enough food to eat or anything to eat for that matter. This is our world today. It serves as a reminder of why we need emergency preparedness food. Though it is not any kind of headline news.

When members of our U.S. Military Special Forces are out in the field on extended missions, one of the meals they give thanks for is the Turkey Tetrazzini Long Range Patrol Ration. There are a number of reasons our troops are grateful for it.

LRP Ration Entrees are lightweight and compact. This means they’re easy to carry in a backpack. They are also easy to prepare. All you need is 16 ounces of water (preferably hot), and 10 minutes to wait after stirring. They taste great just like other freeze dried foods. Above and beyond all this LRP Rations meet the high standards the U.S. Military has in place regarding nutritional value for soldiers on stressful long-term field missions, (such as those performed by Long Range Patrol units). If this isn’t enough, LRPs have a shelf life measured in decades.

At Freeze Dry Guy, a friend and business colleague of ours is a former Army Ranger. His name is Lee. He handles our company account at one of the radio networks where we advertise. During his noble service to our country, Lee probably ate more military rations than I’ve eaten pizza (and that’s saying a lot). Here’s what he told me recently when we were talking about LRP Rations:

“I’ve had to eat pretty much every single kind of military ration. In my opinion, Long Range Patrol Rations are definitely the best-tasting. I’m a big guy with a big appetite, so what’s also important to me is they are meals which fill me up.”     Lee W. – Former U.S. Army Ranger

I couldn’t help but think of Lee today when I fired up one of the Turkey Tetrazzini Long Range Patrol Rations for lunch. It is one of his personal favorites. I remember him saying, “Oh man, is it good!” He’s right.

What’s interesting is when you open the packet, there doesn’t look to be much food in there. But, as is always the case with other Freeze Dried Foods, once you boil the water and mix it in with the contents, the magic happens and does so quickly.


It was after 2:30 in the afternoon. I had only a protein bar for breakfast. Once the food began to reconstitute, the aroma from the turkey, spaghetti noodles, asparagus, and mushrooms in a creamy sauce was making me anxious and even more hungry. I was watching the clock wishing for the 10 minute waiting period to end. When it did, my mind beat out my stomach long enough to snap a photo of the Turkey Tetrazzini LRP Ration Entree on the plate. You can see why it’s a serving big enough to fill you up and crush any cravings you might have.

I gobbled up most of it quickly before rushing to pick up my son from school. When we returned to our home and my lunch, I was surprised the finicky 7-year old actually wanted to try some of it. He gave it a sniff test like a dog before eating a few forks full. His review while chewing was a smile and a thumbs up.

The Turkey Tetrazzini LRP Ration Entree meal is loaded with 36 grams of meat protein. For me this delivered the late afternoon energy which made it easy to get my son to his karate lesson where I sat with my laptop and typed this piece. As for him, he had all the energy he needed. Oh to be 7 years old again, huh?

By Thomas Baldrick

Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols

long-range-reconnaissance-patrolsIf you are wondering who exactly in the U.S Military was the primary target for Long Range Patrol Rations, the hint is in the name. It was the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols or LRRPs.

The are the guys who serve as “Our eyes behind enemy lines.” They are the units of U.S. Military Special Forces members who bravely go deep into enemy territory. Their important but dangerous missions are done to gather intelligence on enemy troops, resources, and to identify high-value strategic targets of opportunity.

It is believed the concept of scouting on the enemy goes back to the beginnings of warfare itself. However, in modern U.S. Military use, historians claim Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols were formed from early examples such as the Long Range Desert Group, and Force 136. These specialized units operated behind enemy lines during World War II setting the standards for skills and tactics.

U.S. Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols played important roles in Eastern Europe in the 1950’s and 1960s in countries such as Germany and Czechoslovakia. The Soviet Union was a major military threat then. LRRPs were then active in North Vietnam in the 1960’s and early 1970s. Today, long range patrolling tactics are carried out by teams such as Long Range Surveillance units, Army Rangers, Navy SEALS, and U.S. Marine Reconnaissance units.

If you are wondering, “Who has the Long Range Patrol Rations I want?” Your answer is: Freeze Dry Guy. This veteran-owned business now has a rare opportunity for you to get the same delicious, nutritious, lightweight entrees preferred by and for U.S. Military Special Forces members for nearly 50 years.

Based on his long working relationship with the manufacturer who exclusively provides this freeze dried food for the U.S. Military, the Freeze Dry Guy, (an ol’ SF Trooper himself) has secured the entire supply of the 2013 LRP Ration overrun targeted for U.S. Special Forces.

Don’t worry about the 2013 date. These LRPs are still in their infancy. “Fresh off the line” as the Freeze Dry Guy says. Remember, like other freeze dried foods, LRP Rations generally have a shelf which will last you for decades.

Speaking of decades, the Freeze Dry Guy has quite a history with these products. He has proudly eaten them since the early days when they were introduced to U.S. Military Special Forces in the 1960’s. From his personal stash which includes Long Range Patrol Rations older than most of this year’s college graduates, he enjoys LRPs on camping and backpacking trips.

If the Freeze Dry Guy or our other expert food consultants can answer any of your questions about the Long Range Patrol Ration entrees we have available, just give us a call at (866)404-3663 or be sure to send us an email.

Otherwise, feel free to browse the current menu options of LRP Rations for Sale.

Frequently Asked Questions on LRP Rations

LRP-RATIONS-FAQIt hasn’t taken long. In just the short time since announcing we now have the only supply of LRP Ration entrees, curious and interested people like you have had questions. Freeze Dry Guy has answers.

So, we thought we would make it easy and convenient for you by sharing the most frequently asked questions we’ve been getting about our exclusive supply of U.S. Military Long Range Patrol Ration entrees.

Do you have to be connected with the U.S. Military to get or have Long Range Patrol Rations?

No. Even though active, retired, and reserve military members have trusted and enjoyed these special rations since they were introduced during the Vietnam War, civilians have also been interested in LRP Rations when they can find or get them.
The real issue with LRPs and the general public is how difficult they are to come by. Opportunities such as the one currently available exclusively through FDG right now are rare.

Based on the Freeze Dry Guy’s military background, his long love affair with Lurps, and his longstanding close relationship with the manufacturer, he was able to acquire this limited supply of 2013 product which was intended for members of the U.S. Special Operations Forces.

What are biggest benefits of LRP Rations?

There are multiple reasons for wanting to have this food for emergency preparedness or outdoor recreational use. These reasons range from high quality, to ease of use, versatility, as well as long-lasting value.

Because they’re designed to be carried by U.S. Special Operations Forces on long field missions, LRP Rations are lightweight and compact. This is also extremely important in situations where you have limited space. They stack easily in any backpack. This makes LRPs an excellent choice for your “Grab & Go” bag in case of a disaster, or as hearty meals on hiking, camping, or climbing adventures. They’re easy to prepare by just adding water (preferably hot). They’re typically going to be reliable with a shelf life of decades. And last but certainly not least, these LRP entrees make for great-tasting, high-protein, high-energy meals.

How are LRPs different than the other freeze dried food you sell?

These LRP Ration entrees are freeze dried foods. They are fresh foods put through the same high-tech freeze drying process as all the other freeze dried products we sell. (In fact, these field rations for the U.S. Military are exclusively manufactured by the makers of Mountain House Food). So, absolutely, positively you can trust their quality.

The only difference between LRPs and the other freeze dried food options we carry is they typically contain more of some ingredients in order to meet the mandated minimum meal requirements for U.S. Special Forces in the field. These standards are established by the authority of the U.S. Military.

What’s included in these LRPs?

There are no drinks, desserts, or side dishes with these Long Range Patrol Ration entrees. What we have available is delicious entrée options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Click here to browse the menu of LRP Rations for Sale.

Are these small food packets really enough for a meal?

Yes. If you have not had LRP Rations before, there is no doubt you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Each packet of these LRP entrees weighs only 4 to 5 ounces when you get them. But once you add 16 ounces of water to them and wait a few minutes, you get to enjoy 20-21 ounces of delicious food.

We’ll hope to share more of the frequently asked questions customers are asking about Long Range Patrol Rations. Meantime, if there is something on your mind about LRP Rations which wasn’t covered here, just write it in the comment section at the bottom of this post. Or, if you want to just send us an email. We’ll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner with the information you want.

by Thomas Baldrick

The History of LRP Rations

history-of-lrp-rationsIt’s a strong story. It’s an interesting one, too. This is true despite it not being a widely known story. The fact is Long Range Patrol Rations and the U.S. Military have more behind them than just a story. There is history.

The year was 1964. The Beatles crossed the pond for their first U.S. Concert Tour. Plans were announced for a World Trade Center in New York City. And the U.S. Military began bombing North Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army wanted and needed a solution for soldiers forced to carry bulky and heavy canned rations. You may know them as C-Rations. Thus, American Military ingenuity triumphed again. The Food Packet, Long Range Patrol Ration was developed. It was an important high-tech advancement which preceded the Lockheed SR-71 by a couple of years. (The SR-71 “Blackbird” was a highly advanced, long-range reconnaissance aircraft).

Long Range Patrol Rations, also called “LRP Rations,” “Lurps” or “Lurp Rats” were designed to be used in the field by U.S. Special Forces, and newly formed Long Range Reconnaissance Teams. These Special Operations soldiers took on dangerous extended missions patrolling deep into territories controlled by the North Vietnamese communist troops. These teams were heavily armed; carrying days worth of canned rations on foot proved to be too heavy and cumbersome.

LRP Rations were the freeze dried food solution. Fresh food was cooked, freeze dried, and vacuum-packed into the shape of a small brick. It was easy to stack in a backpack. Weighing only 4 – 5 ounces per entree meant it was now much easier to carry many more days worth of meals. An added bonus was a soldier had more room to carry other items he might want. As for the food, with 98% of the moisture removed, it needed only water to reconstitute once opened. Within a few minutes, the taste, aroma, and texture was back and the yield increased to more than 20 ounces of a delicious meal.

The Freeze Dry Guy has his own story and history with Long Range Patrol Rations. He was one of those guys who used LRPs in their early days in the U.S. Military. For him it was a case of love at first sight and love at first bite.

Not only did Long Range Patrol Rations often make his day on assignments in the field, he knew back then he wanted to embark on a mission where he could sell these products to the public. Though others must have thought he was delusional. The Freeze Dry Guy believed civilians would love LRPs as much as he did. He was right.

Today, for a number of reasons, a lesser ration, the MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat) has also made its way into everyday military use. But the LRP Rations with their long-lasting shelf life (typically for decades) have stayed alive with U.S. Military Special Forces. The fact is LRPs are the longest-running military ration in existence today.

LRP entrees are a survival food solution with a proven history. If they’re good enough for soldiers to carry on challenging missions, LRP Rations should surely prove good enough for you to carry in emergency situations or your outdoor adventures.

by Thomas Baldrick