Freeze Dried Pineapple and Christopher Columbus



 In 14 Hundred and Ninety-Two,

 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue,

 But in 14 Hundred and Ninety-Three,

 He Discovered the Pineapple for You and Me.


Here’s a juicy story you probably didn’t learn in school. Delicious freeze dried pineapple, the current monthly special at Freeze Dry Guy, actually has ties to Christopher Columbus. Here’s how.

Pineapples are indigenous in the Americas, mostly South America. But Christopher Columbus is credited with first discovering the pineapple in 1493 on what is now the Caribbean island of Guadalupe. He named it, piña de Indias. This means “pine of the Indians.”

Columbus and his crew brought a boatload of their fruity find back to Spain. It surely had to be way past ripe by the time they got it back there. Still, the Spaniards happily ate up pineapple as a luxurious treat. But sadly, they discovered pineapples needed to grow in a tropical climate. So, by the end of the 16th century, Spanish and Portuguese explorers were said to have introduced pineapples to their contacts in Asia, Africa, and the South Pacific where the fruit is still grown today.

Wealthy Europeans wanted more of what Columbus introduced to them. Because they didn’t want to wait, they never surrendered their passion for pineapple. By the 1700’s, the rich were growing them in greenhouses.

This was also the time when Captain James Cook introduced the pineapple to Hawaii. The pineapple became popular and widely grown there. However, it remained a novelty to most Americans. It was only when James Drummond Dole began the process of canning pineapple in 1903 that the fruit became accessible and adored across the U.S.

Today, the 50th state is responsible for growing 75 percent of the world’s pineapple crop. Whole, ripe pineapples have a sweet-taste but a very brief shelf life.

Freeze dried pineapple from Freeze Dry Guy has an equally sweet taste. It also keeps all of the flavor, nutrients, and antioxidants packed in. And if that’s not enough, it delivers you a shelf life which lasts for years.

A little of this freeze dried Hawaiian Spirit goes a long way in adding flavor to pancakes, cereal, granola, yogurt, ice cream, salads, salsa, pizza, and other freeze dried foods. Aloha!

                      In 1493, Columbus discovered a fruit he shared,       

          So get some freeze dried pineapple for your loved ones,

And be prepared.

by Thomas Baldrick


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  1. Greg Hall says:

    The way I taste it. You can chew the fat and open a can of worms or you can chews real food from a Mountain House can.

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