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Be Ready! Magazine

be-ready-magazine-august-2013-issueRight smack dab in the middle. That’s where you’ll find Freeze Dry Guy if you pick up a copy of the inaugural issue of a new publication, Be Ready! Magazine. It’s on display and available on August 27, 2013 at places like Barnes & Noble where magazines are commonly sold.

Be Ready! Magazine

It has just been released in August 2013 by Intermedia Outdoors, Inc. You may have heard of the company from its other publications such as Shotgun News Magazine, Shooting Times Magazine, Guns and Ammo Magazine, Fly Fisherman Magazine, and Bowhunter Magazine.

Be Ready! Magazine is really a nice looking magazine. On the cover is a serious-looking, not too happy, but quite prepared family. Behind them is a storm-stricken city. The headline both tells and asks it all about the reality of hurricane preparedness:

It’s only a matter of time: will you be prepared for the next Katrina or Sandy?

Editor David M. Fortier assembled a team experienced and talented writers for Be Ready! Magazine. In a well-designed layout with plenty of photos, they address a variety of interesting topics including:

  • “Portable Preparedness”: using tablets and smart phones as tools
  • Alternative Power Sources for your Mobile Devices
  • Essential Eats: You’ve Got it, But Can You Eat it?
  • Are You Prepped for Your Children?

The editor says he and the staff of photographers were “prepping” long before the prepper label even existed. Therefore, Be Ready! Magazine is not “Doom and Gloom” approach awaiting the Zombie Apocalypse. Instead, it simply aims to deliver reliable and relevant information for its readers.

be-ready-magazine-center-spread-august-2013Freeze Dry Guy has a piece in the center spread asking the question, “Are You the First Responder in Your Family?” This is an important question to stand before the mirror and ask yourself as the 10th Anniversary of National Preparedness Month in the U.S. takes over the calendar in September 2013.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman, mother or father, grandparent or big brother. If you’re like everyone who is able to accept responsibility as a leader, you want to feel like you can and will be prepared to protect the people, property, and personal possessions which are so important to you.   That’s why Freeze Dry Guy stands ready to help you Be Ready!

by Thomas Baldrick