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Fall Back Prices Are Here

fall-back-prices-to-pay-offThank you for your feedback. The valuable information all of you gave us is as fresh as your favorite Freeze Dried Food you suggested we put on sale. You made the Fall Back Prices campaign fun. You made it insightful. And now you’ll find Freeze Dry Guy is ready to pay you back and make your participation in Fall Back Prices worthwhile.

Fall Back Prices on Freeze Dried Food are Here

One by one you told us what you prefer. I personally received many an email. We took plenty of phone calls. There were comments on our blog and more on the Freeze Dry Guy Facebook page. It was nice to hear from preppers and patriots, campers and RV road warriors, hunters and fishermen, and of course those brave men and women we salute who proudly serve in the United States Military.

Here are just a few of the requests which poured in from Little Rock, Arkansas to Spokane, Washington for Fall Back Prices:

“Scrambled Eggs with bacon!!!”  – Michael Cantu

“I know for a fact the Chicken Alfredo is delish!”  – Linda Parsons

“P – P – P” Pineapple – Pretty – Please!  – Johnnie Matthieu Keating

“You’ve already been generous enough to offer FREE shipping to our family all these years. I can’t ask for any more there. We’re set on our food supply. But now the wife (MY BOSS) and I are working on getting our daughter and her husband prepared. They do everything together including a Gluten-Free Diet. Some assistance here would be GLU-tiful!”  – Ben F.

I know you can’t give away the Gluten-Free foods for free. But it sure would be nice to place them on sale!”  – Mary G.

“Hey Freeze Dry Guy, We were a bit too busy complaining about how messed up the world is today, and a little too preoccupied being prepared to do something about it. Now we’re ready to take action but could use a little help from a fellow American in being able to buy the Family First Responder Kits we want for ourselves and our kids. What do to you say? A little help…PLEASE. — Corinne M.

“I recommend your first priority be putting the Family First Responder’s Kits back on sale. PLEASE. Everybody has to start somewhere in preparedness, and you’ve come up with a pretty clever starting point.”  - Shelli L.

The Favorite Fall Back Prices are:

1. The entire line of Non-GMO and Gluten-Free Foods are now 20% off.

2. The Family First Responder’s Kit are now be back on sale at roughly 30% off.


We’ll be reaching out to you on an individual basis if you participated in the Fall Back Prices campaign. We’ll see what we can do for you on the specific favorite Freeze Dried Food or Dehydrated Food you requested be put on sale. Be patient. There’s a lot of you. We’ll contact you as quickly as possible.

From all of us at Freeze Dry Guy, thank you very much.

by Thomas Baldrick